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Gain access to all themes, plugins, and extensions with a single purchase forever. is more than just WordPress themes and plugins catalog. Itā€™s an ecosystem that not only powers online stores, but also empowers business owners to create businesses that meet their needs. Lifetime Access Pass is the best way to make the ecosystem your own.

All themes, plugins, and extensions. Unlimited sites. No hassle.

As a Lifetime Pass customer, you instantly gain access to every theme, plugin, and extension in our catalog as well as any product we add in the future.

Freelancers, Lifetime Pass is perfect for client work as it gives you the ability to provide functionality based on your clientā€™s needs.

Store owners, rest assured that we use several dozens of plugins and extensions available on our catalog to power this very site. Weā€™d love to power yours as well.

Power users, have fun.

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Will I receive technical support?

Purchasing Lifetime Pass grants you Lifetime free upgrades for all themes, plugins, and extensions, plus you will get basic support from us. For more information visit our FAQs page.

Can I resell any product downloaded from

NO! Users are NOT allowed to resell our products on their website. Policy violations will lead to a permanent account ban.

Can I request a refund?

For our protection, no refunds are allowed for Lifetime Pass. For more information about refunds, licenses, subscriptions, and other matters pertaining to your purchase view our refund policy.

Items availability are subject to change without prior notice, the decision to buy an item or to extend a membership we have is made according to the number of requests we receive for that item/s.